Golf clubs for AIDS charity

Golf clubs all around the world sometimes put on charity events to raise money for worthy causes. They may hold dinner events or put on celebrity golfing days in order toraise funding for a favourite cause, often one that is associated with a golf club member or their family. Some of the charities that are popular recipients in fundraising events include cancer treatment centres, research institutes and HIV and AIDS foundations.

Money for these charities can be raised in a variety of ways, with the golf club often donating time, services and sometimes money in order to help the charity in question. As well as being a good and noble thing to do, raising money for a charity can often be a great public relations exercise and it would be naive to think that this never entered into the decision making process of the organisers of fundraising events.

Golf clubs (Golfschläger) have traditionally been great organisers of charity events. There are a number of reasons for this, making golf clubs one of the centres for fund raising activities in some communities. The game of golf has a long and distinguished history, starting in Scotland way back in 1456. Golf is often played by the rich and influential members of a society, and this is probably the primary reason for the role of clubs as a fundraising source. The game of golf itself is sometimes played as a way to raise funds, a part of a competition environment where the prize money is given to a charity. Probably more often however, golf clubs hold fund raising events such as dinners, dances and conferences that may give part or all of there proceeds to a charity such as an AIDS foundation. These events are a highly valuable part of a modern society and can provide a lot of needed resources to a charity organisation. It is because of the role of golf clubs in society and the status and financial state of their members that they are successful time and time again at raising money for charity.

One of the ways that money is raised for charity organisations at golfing events is by selling golfing memorabilia to members of the public. Some of the likely memorabilia may be clothing worn by a famous golfer or a signed golf club by a well known professional. This is a great method of raising money as there are no up front costs involved at all. The famous golfer donates their equipment to the cause, which is then sold of, often at an auction, to the highest bidder. Auctions work well for this type of event as people are often ready and willing to pay big money for a worthy cause. It is amazing how much money a signed Taylor Made golf club can generate for a HIV or AIDS foundation if it is auctioned off at one of these events. With the help of wealthy and good hearted members, golf clubs should continue to be a fantastic source of money for worthy causes well into the future